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XE 6049

Micro checks : Indigo / Alizarin : Anar Kora

XE 6049

Micro checks : Indigo / Alizarin : Anar Kora




Microchecks require attention to detail both along the warp and the weft of the fabric. The warp must be passed through the reeds of the loom exactly so that the colours in the fabric alternate. Weavers use a two-shuttle loom in order to alternate between the colours in the weft at very small intervals, bringing this subtle texture.

Alizarin - An extract of coal tar, alizarin is a red artificial dye that is as tempestuous and finicky as any natural colour. The only chemical used in Malkha’s dyeing.

Indigo - Malkha’s trademark colour, made by dipping yarn in indigo vats up to nine or ten times. Naturally dyed indigo is impossible to ignore, demanding the gaze of all who see it.

Anar - The colour of pomegranate peel, dried and then boiled. Anar is one of the oldest dyes known in the subcontinent.

Kora - Exemplifying beauty in simplicity, kora is the unbleached off-white that comes from cotton's most natural form. A trademark of Malkha since our inception.

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