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Micro stripes : Kora : Alizarin


Micro stripes : Kora : Alizarin



Malkha’s microstripes marry a modern sensibility with traditional colours. Weaving such thin stripes in more than two colours requires great care when attaching the warp to the loom, as the flaw due to even a single thread being out of place is immediately visible, and not easily rectified without replacing the thread entirely.

Malkha’s microstripe designs show off how natural dyes draw the eye when placed next to each other.

Kora - Exemplifying beauty in simplicity, kora is the unbleached off-white that comes from cotton's most natural form. A trademark of Malkha since our inception.

Alizarin - An extract of coal tar, alizarin is a red artificial dye that is as tempestuous and finicky as any natural colour. The only chemical used in Malkha’s dyeing.

Sizing Chart
Size in inches Small Medium Large
Shirt Size 36 38 40
Shoulder 17.5 18.5 19
Chest size 42 43 44