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The Making of Malkha


The tradition of Indian cotton goes back thousands of years. It has always been diverse, from the seeds used by farmers to the spindles and dyes through which we produce our yarn to the innumerable styles, colours, and textures of cotton cloth throughout the nation.

Despite the pressures of a global market, Indian cotton remains cheerful and vibrant. Malkha's kora cloth is only one way in which we can see this - from Gujarat to Tamil Nadu to Nagaland we can see cotton worn every day, professionally and personally, formally and informally.

It is this profound, every-day beauty that Malkha seeks to represent - the beauty of the cotton farmer who looks over the land and sky with a knowing gaze and the natural dyer whose hands have turned blue with indigo.

As an experiment, Malkha has gone through many transformations. As we reconsider and return to what has always been our strength, we also look to the future.

Sizing Chart
Size in inches Small Medium Large
Shirt Size 36 38 40
Shoulder 17.5 18.5 19
Chest size 42 43 44